Dining at Kaz Unusual

During your stay at Kaz Unusual, enjoy the tea room and the restaurant for the evening meal.

Your dinner at the Kaz

All our dishes are prepared with fresh, local and seasonal products.

  • The fruits and vegetables come largely from the neighboring village.
  • Creole jams and cakes are made by Ophélie.
  • The tea is grown by the "Labyrinth in tea fields" in Saint Joseph.
  • Honey also arrives from Saint Joseph, via the "Coopémiel de Bourbon"
  • Samosas are made in the village by Daniel's Samoussa "and fruits and vegetables come from the Makes.
  • Cheese and meats are also from the local sector.
  • Concerning the Alcohols, they were distilled locally by the producer "The part of the Angels". The Sublim 'range is made exclusively from Reunion Island fruit, from agricultural cooperatives and orchards working in sustainable agriculture.

Enjoy on the spot with our Reunion specialties!


The team of Kaz Insolite will contact you the days before your stay to know your preferences for the restaurant.

We can also provide some services on request: fondue pei ... as well as dishes for vegetarians and vegans. If you are interested, please contact us after your reservation.

Meals in bubbles are not allowed.

The tea room in the heart of nature

Kaz Insolite offers a tea room open during the day from 1 pm to 4 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

You will be able to taste:

  • hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, ...)
  • refreshing drinks (soda, water, fruit juice, ...)
  • Creole pastries and cakes

Restaurant menu

Amuse bouche :
Samoussas (ask us our varieties of the moment)    5.00 €
The entrance of the day (according to mood, seasons, ask us!) 8.00 €

Montagnard dishes:
The Raclette 25.00 €
Piton Maido (250g), potato, sweet potato or darling depending on season, rosette, smoked and cooked ham (150g), gherkins, homemade sauce, salad
The stone grill 27.00 €
Assorted meat according to arrival (duck, chicken, beef, deer, pork or kangaroo) sliced in thin slices (300g), homemade fries or gratins, onions, fleur de sel, homemade sauce, salads
The unusual fondue for 2 pers.(Vegetarian) 50.00 €
Piton Maido (600g), white wine Riesling, garlic, bread crouton with a salad
Creole dishes:
Curry of the day 15.00 €
Accompanied with rice, grains and homemade chili paste
Vegetarian dishes:
Sautee vegetables15.00 €
Accompanied with rice, grains and homemade chili paste
The Raclette 20.00 €
Piton Maido (250g), potato, seasonal vegetables, gherkins, homemade sauce, salad
Marmay Menus:
Nuggets or ham and homemade fries, a scoop of ice cream, a drink 15.00 €
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