The environment

camping21_kaz_insolite - CREDIT IRT - studio_lumiere_dts_09_2022

camping21_kaz_insolite - CREDIT IRT - studio_lumiere_dts_09_2022

Our environmental charter

Throughout the unusual accommodation development project, we integrated sustainable development into our approach, with the support of the NFB and the National Park.

Our eco-responsible charter revolves around three prerogatives: the landscape integration of unusual gîtes, the use of ecological products and a local restaurant that favors short circuits.

Integration in a protected natural environment

To offer you immersion in the natural environment and allow you to discover the genesis of the fauna and flora of the forest of colored wood, we have preserved all its riches.

We chose a strong landscape integration of the buildings, by the architecture but also by the choice of the materials, in particular the cryptomeria (or cedar of Japan) which is our main local resource. A stilt design allows you to dominate the forest from the bubble while sparing the soil from the earthwork.

Endemic plantsThe existing ones were collected by landscapers, national park and NFB agents. They were replanted at the end of the works to guarantee the authenticity of the place.

The Kaz Insolite Park was created by the Makes Landscaping Associations, which primarily use the forest resources for the layout of the trail.

Ecological products

In order to offer you all the comforts of a hotel room, the preservation of our natural resources is essential and environmentally responsible.

We make our customers aware of the exclusive use of BIO shower products and local production. These are available free of charge for the duration of the stay.

Each bathroom is equipped with dry toilets design: the renewal of sawdust is daily to ensure perfect hygiene. The recycling of this compost will be useful to maintain the field.

Reunionese cuisine based on local products

For dinner, Kaz unusual selects for you typical dishes of which many ingredients are grown and produced on the Makes. The goal is to promote local and local products. The catering products are dishes prepared by a Makes caterer, renowned for these fine and gourmet local dishes.

The breakfast service and the tea room offer home-made pastries and pastries. Snacks are also from local agriculture: tea, coffee, fruit cocktail ...