Sleeping under a bubble

Kaz Insolite is the first accommodation under the stars, surrounded by nature, offered on the island of Reunion. The transparent bubbles are installed at 1500 meters altitude in the heart of the Reunion National Park.

Your transparent bubble under the creole fir

The unusual accommodation is integrated on a site of one hectare in the forest of Hauts de la Réunion. The four bubble suites are labeled Gîte de France.

Under the stars, the bubbles merge into the cryptomeria forest such as morning dew. Located on a plot managed by the National Forestry Office, Kaz Insolite is located close to the heart of the Reunion National Park, a natural site classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Each bubble is based on a platform on stilts. It offers you the pleasure of strolling under cryptomerias and endemic plants, while respecting their comfort zone.

The bubble chamber

Your bubble room is equipped with quality bedding, comfortable dimensions for you and your lover.

The bubbles Tec-Tec, Asleep and Tangue have an outbuilding with a living room and a bathroom communicating with the bubble.

The family suite Papangue , semi-opaque, offers a bubble room for parents and a second bubble smaller and opaque, to accommodate two children.

The bubbles Tuit Tuit and Straw tail have a small sitting area, a bathroom and a bedroom without having to leave the suite.

Observe the stars and the Makes forest

Installed warm, enjoy your own astronomical observatory at 1500 meters altitude! An i-Pad is at your disposal with an application with dynamic celestial mapping. You will be familiar with the constellations and be guided in your observations.

Kazinsolite also has a very complete library to document the fauna and flora of the Makes pine forest on the island of Reunion.