The rates

The rates

Find the rates for the night of our bubbles as well as other optional services.

Tangue and Sleepy Bubbles

  • Overnight: 239 €
  • Breakfast included

Tuit Tuit Bubbles and Straw in Tail

  • Overnight: 229 €
  • Breakfast included

Tec Tec bubble (with Jacuzzi)

  • Overnight: 279 €
  • Breakfast included

Papangue bubble

Suite of two bubbles with communicating rooms.

  • Overnight stay: 259,00 €
  • Breakfast included

Rate valid for two adults and two children under 18 years old.

Champagne in the bubble

We can offer different ranges of Champagne, served in the cup or bottle (from € 60 to € 250 per bottle).

Privatization of Kaz Unusual

Complete privatization of the site is possible. Let us know your date as soon as possible to block the site in its entirety.

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